December 15, 2017

We provide results for B2C business owners. See some examples here…


See How We Brought A UK Company To The US Market


  • Brought a UK company to the US market with fast turnaround
  • Multiplied their US sales to 8 times their UK sales
  • Increased US sales from $0 to $109,000 in 11 months
  • Increased average cart value from $18.89 to $32

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See How We Increased Sales 20x In November


  • Conducted a one day workshop and strategy planning which led to a 2x increase in sales in two weeks
  • Increased sales by 20x in November through increased advertising and promotions

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See How We Generated $15,000 In Sales In 7 Hours


  • Met $7,000 sales quota in 7 hours
  • Made $40,000 in extra sales in the same 4-day campaign
  • Increased repeat customer rate to 60.5%
  • Increased conversion rate to 8.37%

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Ruaidhri Speaks About Ecommerce at Galway Chamber

  • Increased a company’s sales from 0 to $40,000 a month through Facebook Ads.
  • Doubled sales of a company after conducting a workshop, and eventually increased it by 20x.
  • Generated $8,500 in revenue on 360 orders just by putting in an automated email on the backend of a website.
  • Brought in $42,580 from an email campaign for a company and raised their conversion rate to 8.37% up by 65%.

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